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Tom Macdonald
for Orem City Council

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Tom's background as a CPA, and as a CFO and CEO in business have helped guide the City of Orem to decrease its debt by 27% over the last four years.
Tom's experience as a leader both in business and non-profit (board member at Timpanogos Regional Hospital, UVU, CEDO, and the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce), has helped him be a leader on the Orem City Council. It's why every single Orem City Councilor is endorsing him for this election, despite their different backgrounds and opinions.
Tom and his wife Kaye have been married for nearly 40 years, and have lived in Orem their whole married lives, except for a brief 3 year stint in Oregon. They raised each of their four children here, and care deeply about what happens to this city.
Orem has been my home since 1969. Kaye and I have 4 married children and 13 grandchildren.
Four years ago, I entered the race to become a city council member as I thought I could help the fiscal strength of Orem and be a voice a reason to the council.
We have made significant improvements these last four years, but I think there is more to do.
A graduate of Orem High and BYU, I am currently an Assistant Dean at the Utah Valley University Business School.
Prior to coming to UVU, I was a CEO, a CFO, Partner, Board Member, and an International VP in the business world and have a background as a CPA.
I have a long history of civic service in Orem, am currently a member of the Orem City Council and a Board Member at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.
I have served on various boards at UVU, The Chamber, and CEDO.
I am passionate about this city and want to continue to use the skills I gained in business leadership and volunteer service to help Orem improve its fiscal health and the quality of life for its citizens.
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