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Jim & Tana Evans
Former Orem City Mayor
Debby Lauret
Orem City Council
Sam & Brittany Lentz
Orem City Council
Mark Seastrand
Orem City Council
Jack R. Christianson
Former Director of the Orem Institute of Religion & UVU Administrator
Val Hale
Executive Director, Governor's Office of Economic Development
KC & Judy Shaw
Long Time Orem Resident
Steven R Shallenberger
National Bestselling Author of 'Becoming Your Best'
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Send your name, title, endorsement message & a photo of yourself to tom4orem@gmail.com

▶ Do I need to write out a fancy endorsement message like some of these other people?
Nope! If you're not a big writer, something as simple as 'I endorse Tom for Orem City Council' will do just fine.
▶ What if I don't have a title?
Everyone has a title! "Orem Resident for 18 years", "Fiscally Conservative Orem-ite", "Your Neighbor in Northeast Orem", or even just "Orem Citizen" are all examples of powerful titles for someone who may not have experience serving in a political, business, or community role.
▶ I hate pictures of myself, do I really have to share one?
Two thoughts: #1. We're confident that you look great in your photos, and they really do make the endorsements much better and #2. We're sure we aren't the first people to try to convince you that you look great, so we understand if thought #1 wasn't convincing enough for you. Just share with us that you don't want to use a picture in your email message.
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